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We are Way Home Photography

Way Home Photography was formed in March 2012 by Sarah and Belinda, two friends who share a love for photography and travel. Both artists began with their own photography businesses but soon realized that it would be more fun to join forces and form a joint photography business.

Sarah and Belinda also share a love for our four-legged furry friends. 10% of all sales are donated to the Natchitoches Humane Society (Sarah) or the Humane Society of West Louisiana (Belinda).

Co-Owner & Photographer
Natchitoches, Louisiana

"I have been interested in photography since I was a child.  I took photography classes in college and have continued to practice the craft in my spare time.  In 2011, I started my own photography business - SMJackson Photography.  I presently live outside of Natchitoches, Louisiana and you will rarely catch me without at least one camera!"

Co-Owner & Photographer
Leesville, Louisiana

"I've been "taking pictures" as long as I can remember. In 2006 I started getting serious about photography and in January 2012 I opened my own photography business - Photography by B. - based in Leesville, Louisiana. I try not to take myself, or my work, too seriously and I still enjoy just "taking pictures." If I make some people happy along the way with what I do them I will consider myself a success. - Peace. Love. Photography."